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Edokiriko’s Shop Hanashyo Co., Ltd.

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Hanashyo was established 67 years ago and still preserves its traditional designs, whilst constantly contriving innovative, unique and exquisitely designed patterns, and producing Edokiriko of high quality. We utilize only natural materials and refine them using the traditional hand-polishing process. In this way, the original characteristics of glass are retained and employed to its greatest potential in the production.

Amongst the products, Kome-tsunagi is one that stands out. It seems simple in pattern design, yet it is actually a sophisticated combination of the subtle sensitivity and creative techniques devised by the craftsmen of Hanashyo. It has also been a top choice as gifts for special occasions, for example, it was regaled to the state guests of the Toyako summit in 2008.


Edokiriko is a form of traditional crafts that involves inserting cuts and making designs on the surface of glass. In 1834 (Tempou 5), a glazier named Kyubei Kagaya has started using emery to carve the surface of the glass at Edo- odenma-cho. After the Meiji era, due to the movement of people and introduction of new techniques and technology from overseas, the techniques and materials of overlay glass were used even in Edo era. This gave rise to Edokiriko, a thin layer of colourful glass. The designs used are exquisite patterns seen in our daily lives such as yarai, kiku, asanoha and kagome.


The Hanashyo lamp project was initiated five years ago in an attempt to break new grounds with Edokiriko. This project has been acknowledged by customers patronizing our latest products. We are not only the manufacturers, but are also producers and designers of the products. By directly interacting with the customers, we decipher the needs and requirements of our customers. Appreciating the needs and requirements, we produce a myriad of Edokiriko products, varying from formal gifts to casual presents that suit the modern contemporary world. We hope that our customers would purchase our exquisite products made from Hanashyo and experience them first-hand.
Takayuki Kumakura


There are original patterns devised by our company. The name Kome-tsunagi (connected rice grains) is derived from the representation to rice grains when grain-shaped designs are lined horizontally.
Although each grain may look the same size, each and every grain is carefully cut to match the subtle variations in colour, shade and glass thickness. Master technique is expressed through the perfect matching of the subtle variations. The president of the Hanashyo workshop is the only person in the world who has mastered this technique to perfection.
Combining it with the unique grinding methods, we are able to produce glass that looks simple on the surface but glimmers like diamond when light is shone on it. Crystal glass is not used, for it contains lead, which gives rise to environmental problems, only lead-free glass is utilised.
This advanced technique and design has been highly appraised and has been selected as the special gift for the state guests at the Toyako summit in 2008.

Edokiriko’s Shop Hanashyo Co., Ltd.

Address: 3-49-21 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo

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