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“Kutani“ porcelain KABURAKI Co.,Ltd.


Corporate Profile

“Spreading extraordinary Kutani porcelain to customers all over the world”

Our branch was first established in year 1822, during the reign of the 11th Tokugawa shogun, as the first Kutani porcelain store, in Kanazawa. During that time, Kaga Domain pushed to revive and restore the art of Kutani porcelain ceramics, and our branch had taken on that responsibility. We did not stop at simply selling the completed products, but we also gathered the best artists, who drew beautiful paintings on the completed porcelains. We strive everyday with the goal of spreading the beauty and value of Kutani porcelain to all corners of the world.

Notable Achievements

  • 2002 – Made official goods for the 2002 Korea/Japan World Cup
  • Exhibited goods at the 2008 France International Trade Fair, Maison & Objet



Kutani porcelain is porcelain made in the regions south of Kanazawa, of Ishikawa prefecture. Its history started in the mid-17th century, and in the late 19th century, when Japanese exports flourished, it was awarded many prizes, and gained worldwide prestige under the name of “Japan Kutani”. Largely influenced by the flamboyant “Kaga hyakumangoku” culture, Kutani porcelain is known for its use of vivid colors in its drawings, green, navy blue, yellow, purple, and red – known as “the five Kutani colors” – with a gold finish. Another characteristic of Kutani porcelain is its historically cultivated drawing styles and coloring techniques. Some well-known drawing styles include the Ko-kutani-style, the Mokubei-style, the Yoshidaya-style, and the Shouza-style.



When my father, who was the 7th generation artisan, suddenly passed away, I was forced to become the 8th. I was not prepared; I hadn’t been taught anything from previous generations. So, in some respects, even though I am the 8th generation, I also consider myself the 1st generation of Kaburaki. That is precisely why I think it is important to return to my roots – Kutani porcelain. To preserve the world of today’s Kutani porcelain, development is essential, and that is impossible without being proactive. I am trying my best with the goal of creating a worldwide “Kaburaki” that would lead the Kutani porcelain world; a world where people would equate “Kaburaki” with Kutani porcelain, and not vice versa.
Motoyoshi Kaburaki



Where the east meats the west? “A Kutani porcelain wine glass” – the best of both worlds
When the 370-years old Kutani technology meets European wine culture, our beautiful Kutani porcelain wine glass is conceived and created. Our wine glass has a glass bowl, and a Kutani-stem. The bowl, from which wine is poured, is state-of-the-art, made collaboratively with the world renown glass-making company, Spiegelau. The five different bowl-types allow you the freedom to choose between all kinds of wine, champagne, and anything you may need it for.
Combine the centuries-old traditions of Kutani porcelain, modern design, with stunning art, you get our stem. Every single one of our many different stem designs was individually hand-drawn, creating the perfect symphony of delectable wine, and beauty of the Kutani.
Also, connecting the glass and the Kutani-stem, is our ‘Good Design Award’ winning adhesive technology.
Deriving from our product’s extreme durability, we provide products with assured quality, made possible by utilising the best technology possible.

“Kutani“ porcelain KABURAKI Co.,Ltd.

Address: 1-3-16 Nagamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa

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