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Wajima Kirimoto / Kirimoto Wooden Craft Workshop

Coporate Profille

“Beauty created from the hands of people”

Having engaged in Wajima coating and sales since the end of Edo era and the Meiji era, the first generation of Kyuko Kirimoto founded a family business dedicated to wood-carving. Carrying on the family tradition, we now make a wide array of lacquer goods, ranging from lacquer utensils, accessories, furniture, and even to interior architecture, with the aim of incorporating lacquer to the lifestyle of today.

Notable achievements

  • 2007 – Held exhibition titled “The Usual Urushi (lacquer)” in Toraya Midtown branch
  • 2007 – Louis Vuitton & SPUR & Wajima Kirimoto
    Designed “BOITE LAQUEE WAJIMA “, a hexagonal Monogram-patterned lacquer
  • 2008 – Set up a long scale lacquer counter at Hilton Tokyo’s “CHOCOLATE Boutique Tokyo” event


Wajima of Ishikawa prefecture – a place that faces the Sea of Japan. For lacquer, which needs humidity to be properly painted and hardened, Wajima is a match made in heaven. Wajima’s coating technique was based on a technique called Honkataji. Using natural wood, the wooden body is hardened by lacquer coating. Underground coating is done using powered diatomaceous from Wajima, and a nine-layered structure is built after undergoing an intricate process of sharpening, second coating, and final coating. If the surface is scratched after years of use, it is possible to fix it. Furthermore, Wajima Kirimoto is also developing its own, innovative scratch-proof techniques, such as “the makiji technique”, and “the sensuji technique”, keeping in mind the needs of the user.


In today’s world where we are overwhelmed with consumer goods, how many of them are user-friendly and genuinely pleasant to use? We, Wajima Kirimoto, are always hard at work creating such goods, with the theme “the usual urushi (lacquer)”. We continue to imagine and make goods that, will make you feel happy just by using them, at ease just by having them, and make your food and drinks taste better. What we make can not be something special or exceptional. We want our goods to be so integrated into your life, that you’ll think, ‘what a relief that it has been near me all along!’ With that in mind, we promise to continue to make quality products, while maintaining a close relationship with our clients.
Taiichi Kirimoto


“Shiho-Katakuchi and Guinomi”

Shiho-Katakuchi is made from the finest Magnolia trees, cultivated for at least 20 years. The sides are made by repeatedly carving thick wood with a curved Kanna (a carpenter’s plane) and then firmly glued into a box form. The spout is carved into a triangular form, inserted into the Magnolia box, and then intricately curved, using a Kanna as small as a fingertip. Finally, the bottom part is attached, as the final step of the carving process. The inner part of the body is glossed with lacquer and rice glue, and the corners are rounded off by a thick lacquer mixed with Zelkova powder. This process permits it be easily washable, and gives it a firm, sturdy body. Particular attention has been paid to the spout, which eliminates liquids such as Japanese sake, from dripping. The lacquer ware, permits whatever is inside it, to maintain its warm retention and is manufactured with wood that feels great to hold, while emitting a calm aura of sophistication. Should you drink Japanese sake with our lacquer Guinomi, you will fully savor the flavor, with Guinomi’s characteristic smooth touch to the lips.

Wajima Kirimoto / Kirimoto Wooden Craft Workshop

Address: 32 Naritsubo, Sugihiramachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa

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