ReJAPON international. We add modern sensitivity to the tradition industry of Japan whose quality is high, and tell you a brand with the new value.



Arita Porcelain Lab Co., Ltd.

Coporate Profille

“To spread the Arita Ware (Porcelain) products world-wide and pass on Arita Ware to the next generation”

Established in the Bunka era (1804), the products of Yazaemongama are genuinely valuable with their long history of over 200 years. Therefore, we hope to be the preference of discerning of customers who believe in genuine craftsmanship. Most of the luxury brands in the world are based on art and crafts of highly-skilled techniques. The time has come for the Japanese to spread, with pride and confidence, its culture, tradition, history and technology to the rest of the world. We believe with conviction that we will be able to reach out to the material world of genuine quality, improving the lives with true luxury and extravagance, by showcasing the Japanese spirit manifested in our products.


Magnetic ore was first discovered in Japan by Lee San-Pei in 1616. This triggered the beginning of Arita Ware. Mining lasted for the 380 years between Edo era and mid- Meiji era, and is said to have “converted an entire mountain into porcelain within 400 years”. The 400-year long history of Arita Ware is due to its development into products of distinct characteristics at various sites, mainly into the three most famous styles: Koimari, Kakiemon and Ironabeshima. Further interactions with foreign countries led to the creation of the Kinrande-style. The continuous adaption to different regions and times has led to the present-day Arita Ware.


Arita Ware is my life. In 2016, we commemorate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Arita Ware. I feel that there is a need to come up with new styles in order to connect to the subsequent 100 years. I have developed “Arita Porcelain Lab”, a new modern brand that is suited to contemporary lifestyle. Without eradicating the skills inherited from the ancestors, yet without being confined by the boundaries of tradition, we hope to carry on the tradition of Arita Ware with the support of our customers.
Tetsu Matsumoto, 7th Generation of Yazaemongama


“Japan Snow”

Prosperity “Mame-zara (Beans Plate)” sets to represent “Prosperity”
Arabesque : Seamless prosperous development
Wave Crest Pattern : Ceaselessly spreading auspicious waves
Young Bamboo : Flexible yet durable strength
Woven Pattern : Continuous development

A new brand that blends the ever-glimmering platinum and white Japanese porcelain that evokes the beautiful image of powder snow: A new style created by Yazaemongama, pottery-style of 200-year old Arita Ware (Porcelain).

The concept is to integrate the traditional wave patterns believed to be auspicious from the past. These wave patterns came into use from the kind-hearted ceramists of previous generations, who wished to enrich the material and spiritual aspects of the customers’ daily lives. Our pottery transmits the heart-felt wishes of our members through the products to our customers, in order to satisfy the desire for luxury and high-quality lives.

Arita Porcelain Lab is the modern brand that incorporates and embodies the 200-year long tradition of Yazaemongama pottery of Arita Ware, and modern contemporary lifestyle.

Arita Porcelain Lab Co., Ltd.

3037- 8 Kuromuta-hei, Arita-cho, Nishi-Matsuura-gun, Saga

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