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Murakami Art Co., Ltd.

Coporate Profille

With Amane Murakami (an artist) playing a key role, Murakami Art has been featured regularly since 2001 in the fields of advertisements, magazines, fashion and music. Also, since 2006, the product sales development department started Project Ambro to review the existing handicraft and products, plan and produce new products from the perspective of art. Recently, they have been involved in the production of Project Ureshino Style initiated by the Association of Commerce and Industry in Ureshino town in Saga prefecture. Respecting the good old traditional arts of Japan, they have been initiating new ideas to integrate these into daily life.


  • 2009 – Exhibition in Design Tide
  • Exhibition in Colette (Paris)
    Exhibition at Berlin Fashion Week Tokyo Gakudan Presents “Tokyo Goes Berlin!” Tokyo Souvenir Shop
  • 2011 – Exhibition at “365 Days Charming Everyday Things” (Paris) by Department of Promotion and Strategies, Cool Japan Project, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry


Just like how Japanese appreciate the four seasons. Just like how the warmth and cosiness of handmade products reach to the hearts of families.
We have a culture of blending design and art into our lives.
Even with slight differences in shapes, we share a common interest in wanting to improve lives. With that we created the concept of “Art de Vivre ~Blending Art into Life~”. We strive to create gift packages with high design qualities such that our users can savour the joys of giving and receiving.


It was a coincidence that we started collaboration with Arita Ware (Porcelain) Industry. When I visited Kamoto-san, whom I met at an exhibition in Kyushu, I saw the products of Arita Ware which were exposed to rain and felt that it was an extreme pity. I thought that if we could work on the products a little more, we could produce new things that would be popular in the modern society. Respecting the old tradition of Japanese art, and putting them through our inspection filter, we could create an original mix of old and new breaths. In this way, the old tradition will be passed forth to the future generations.
Amane Murakmi


“Mame” (beans)

“Small is beautiful, for everything” (“Makura No Soushi”)
“Mame-zara (Beans Plate)” is mostly made in the Hizen area which is famous as a production ground for porcelain ware. The demand for small receptacles rose during the Edo era among the commoners, and it gave rise to the widespread use of “Mame-zara” since then. Through this, we can catch a glimpse of the minds of the craftsman, in particular the techniques of making porcelain ware in Hizen area, and the popular shapes and designs during that time. The sketch designs were heavily influenced by the traditional pattern designs during the Genroku period, with a touch of novelty added to them.

We hope to incorporate this good-old tradition into our daily lives with an additional touch of novelty in our products.

Murakami Art Co., Ltd.

Address: 3rd Floor Ando Building, 4-9-30 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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