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Suya Co., Ltd.

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“To be sincere in whatever we make”

The second generation with Kihachi, coater of Yamanaka Lacquer, established Distributor and Production Stores of Kihachi Workshop in 1882.
The current Kihachi Workshop still practises the craftsmanship succeeded from the previous generations. It is one of the oldest shops among the traditional crafts of Yamanaka Lacquer. Having a team of experienced and skilled kijishi (potter’s wheel master), shitajishi (chaser), nushi (coater) and makieshi (lacquer painter), and having pride in national products, we hope to be the front runner of Yamanaka Lacquer with our design abilities and skills. The world class skills of the potter’s wheel techniques of the craftsman of Yamanaka are known for their exquisite and detailed products. “Good to see; Good to use” or “The beauty of seeing; The beauty of using” is our motto.


The origins of Yamanaka Lacquer dates back to 1580. The kijishi moved to the area in search of the high quality wood that grew luxuriantly. The roots of rokuro-hiki (potters’ wheel) began there. In the Keian period of the Edo era, the greatest craftsman of sensuji-biki, shudame-nuri and paint lacquer were hired from all over the country, and created the fundamentals of Yamanaka Lacquer. The lumber is attained in a different manner from the normal methods. Instead of using yokoki-tori (horizontal), tateki-tori (vertical) is used, which involves slicing in rounds with the wood standing vertically. It is a highly skilful technique, but the wood attained is said to be tough and durable.


In order to let more people be exposed to Yamanaka Lacquer, we try our best to discover the unexploited areas of the market and make new grounds. We always try to think ahead of others and act swiftly. The other important notion is to be sincere in our works. We are sincere in all our works. Lacquer ware lasts a lifetime. We derive pleasure when our customers use our products in delight. We wish to continue making our customers delightful by making more products with full sincerity.
Yoshiteru Suya


Yamanaka Lacquer applies the forefront rokuro (potter’s wheel) techniques to grind locally grown catalpa into beautiful shapes, which are then wipe-lacquered. Two sizes, small and big, are available. Using the curvaceous modern forms created, narrow streaks are cut within, matted, before they are wipe-lacquered. The completed product has a rustic feel to it. It can be said as an amalgamation of “modernism” and the Japanese shibumi (astringency). The cosiness, chic ambience and texture, would make the customer want to use it in the daily life. The customers can enjoy the true beauty of seeing and the beauty of using; by looking at it and by touching it. One can also enjoy its fading away as time goes by. This will no doubt evoke feelings of affection. It is Japanese culture to enjoy meals through the use of beautiful crockery, but our products will touch the hearts of the customers from both the West and the East. If you had to choose one product, let us recommend you our product: “Catalpa Itosuji-¬bowls”

Suya Co., Ltd.

Address: 323 Tsukatanimachi-i, Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa

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