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Tobe Ware (Porcelain) “Ohnishitougei” (Ohnishi Porcelain)

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In a land with the 400-year history, more than 100 years of it is from Tobe porcelain village. Founded in 1970, our company was based on the individualities of a father and his two sons. We cover a wide range of products, from traditional crafts, to artful everyday utensils. We aim to help our clients lead rich lives with our products, by providing “prestige and modern” in every one of our products. We aim to give our customers the joy of collecting, and the satisfaction in using, our products.

Notable Achievements

  • 1993- Made a permanent donation of “Seiji-Kabin” to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., USA and took part in the donation ceremony


During the Edo period, the potters in Tobe used scraps for their materials and the pine trees for their fuel, and started Tobe Ware (Porcelain). In 1776, only after countless cycles of failure and improvement, the first successful white porcelain vessel was completed. The know-how and wisdom of their ancestors are still alive, safely protected by the Tobe Ware artisans. Although today’s Tobe Ware is continued in many shapes and forms, indigo patterns on white porcelain, thick and simple shape is the most telling characteristic of Tobe Ware. To keep with the times, Tobe Ware will continue to evolve.


We are making products that are no longer restricted to the conventionality of tradition, that take advantage of the beautiful color of blue. By using all kinds of different glazes that weren’t originally a part of Tobe Ware, we are creating something new everyday. Our goal is to make use of the beautiful white clay found in Tobe, and to not be constricted to tradition, and make unique products with individuality. The feeling of sculpting each pot with my hands, carefully drawing and coloring each pot – that’s something I will never give up, something I can’t live without.
Hajime Ohnishi


“Yume-Seiji Guinomi”

“Tsuyakeshi-Seiji”, is made from our very own original technology. We gave it the name ‘Yume-Seiji’ from the soft, yet icy-cold transparent feel of celadon’s beauty. White clay from Tobe is individually and gently molded from a porcelain’s wheel. Hikari Onishi, a “Hikite”, is a certified, level-one pottery master. No two cups born from his years of expertise are alike, and each cup contains its own expression and personality. Also, while taking in each unique expression contained in each cup, it is possible to choose the shade of your celadon, the ultimate ornament. The cups are soft to the touch and to the lips, which is crucial for a true Japanese sake experience. Your eyes will enjoy the sake fill up the celadon; your lips will enjoy the taste rushing in, while you savor the deep aroma of your favorite sake. What makes such an experience possible, is our cup.

Tobe Ware (Porcelain) “Ohnishitougei” (Ohnishi Porcelain)

Address:796 Kitakawage, Iyo-gun, Ehime

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