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Saga Cardboard Firm (Limited Private Company)

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Saga Cardboard Firm produces potter makeup boxes and cardboard boxes in Japan’s oldest production ground for porcelain ware in Arita-cho, Saga Prefecture. In recent years, president Keizo Ishikawa’s new initiative to produce artistic Arita-yaki craft and stationery has attracted much attention. This is a novel attempt to break the stereotype of Arita-yaki as mere pots and receptacles, but to enrich its designs by making products such as kaleidoscope, fountain pens and musical boxes. This is done together with famous local kilns and well-known overseas brands. We strive to become a renowned international brand and believe that we would take the luxury market by our unique products. We keep innovating our design and techniques for brand new products.


Arita-yaki is a 400-year traditional industry based mainly in Arita-cho of Saga Prefecture. Arita porcelain has been exported overseas for a long time and earned its name of “imari” derived from the shipping port. However, impacted by the changing lifestyle and increment of cheap imported goods in recent years, profits of the local pottery business suffered a gradual decline. To cope with this situation, companies such as distributing firms and pottery producers have come up with a solution to develop new products together. Local pottery producers broke the usual convention of pottery production and bring the design, functionality and branding to a new level.


Arita-yaki has been established over 400 years through the meticulous efforts of our ancestors. Traditional industries have huge possibilities today even obstacles are opportunities. We want to produce something that represents Japanese culture, history and pride, something inspirational. We hope to achieve effective management through the cooperation and advisory of the public. Our products’ price is set at a relatively higher level and sales start from Europe. We have total confidence in our products that it will become a worldwide brand. We want the world to know about us.


We are creating a brand that is developed and sold by the same company, and backed by a long history and advanced technology. Our products have helped to raise the reputation of Arita-yaki overseas.
The famous Kaleidoscope specialist and artist Koji Yamami designs our kaleidoscopes. Highly reputed Koransha (a famous pottery in Saga Prefecture) and Gen-emon Pottery also produce their products in the town of Arita. The special characteristics of pottery stand out not only in its material beauty, but also the subtle warmth, intricate designs and meticulous texture. Kaleidoscopes are especially popular in the Europe.

The Arita-yaki fountain pen began its sales in 2007 in cooperation with the Koransha and Gen-emon Pottery companies. Produced by Sailor Fountain Pen Company and sales by Maruzen Company (in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). It was sent as a gift of honour to the heads of the various countries during the 2008 G8 Summit at Toyako, Hokkaido. Arita-yaki fountain pen was also selected to be the memorial gift for the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Sailor Fountain Pen Company. “Arita-yaki Jimeikin”, a music box, was on sale from October 2011 under the collaboration between Koransha and a Swiss veteran magical box maker: Reuge. This is a perfect collaboration between the dainty of music and porcelain wares, glorifying a new page in the history of Arita-yaki.

Saga Cardboard Firm (Limited Private Company)


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