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Ohashi Ryoki is a manufacturing company of masu (a kind of measuring instrument) established in 1950 (Showa 25). Besides literal meaning of “increasing”, masu takes on the double connotations of “Shiawase ga masu” (increasing happiness) and “Masumasu hanjyo” (increasing prosperity). As such, it is used as an auspicious receptacle for blissful occasions. It is indispensable at temple events such as the bean-throwing ritual during Setsubun Festival. Our company uses Hinoki (Ground Cedar) as the material, and produces about 10,000 items per year. We always strive for novelty in our products and have since produced bath agents, mobile phone straps and humidifiers. In 2005, we opened a specialty shop “Masu Koboya” within our headquarter factory. Furthermore, in 2006, we established the internet shop of “Masu Koboya”. It is also possible to experience hands-on tours in our factories.


The tradition of masu owes to the efforts of the craftsman during the Meiji era. After training in Aichi Prefecture, they returned to their hometowns and established the business. It enjoys the advantage of the proximity of the production grounds. During the period right before and after the WWII, we had 9 manufacturing branches in the city to meet the demands of the country. At that time, it was used as a measuring cup for food items such as rice. However, the alteration made in 1966 in law removed the need for a standardized quantity check of food items, which led to the decline of the price of masu. As a result, the use of masu shifted to that as a wine receptacle. Currently, there are 5 branches in Ogaki-shi, where an annual production amounted to 2 million items. It takes up 80 percent of the world’s masu production.


I quit my job in a huge computer manufacturing company in 1993 and took over this company. Back then I had no attachment to the work here and was unmotivated. Recession ensued, causing the profits and sales of the wine makers decline rapidly. We then thought of new ideas and products, such as taking custom-made orders and opened up new stores. The local people back then did not even know that Ogaki-shi was the production grounds of masu, and the children had not even seen one in their lives. I was driven to preserve the tradition of producing masu, which originated from the 1300s. I took part in an exhibition in January 2012 and felt its market potentials. I was convinced that expanding its distribution outlet was a way to preserve the tradition. It became my dream to create fans of masu from all over the world.


Our triangle pyramid shaped wine receptacles “Sui-choko” (1260 including tax) won the Good Design Award in 2011. We consigned the designing to an external company and as a result dispelled the old convention of having masu in rectangular shapes. After been award the Good Design Award, we sold about 500 items within half a year on the Internet. We are also producing authentically designed plates for side dishes accompanying wine, called “Itadaki-masu” (2000 yen including tax).

Products that are neither wine nor food-related are also available in our company. For example, the “Math-Salt” (750 yen including tax) is bath agent made from French herbs and natural salt. Pour it into a bathtub the salt and herbs would dissolve, enhancing the fragrance of hinoki. There is a wide variety of herbs to choose from: lavender, camomile, rose etc. The words “Love” and “Thanks for everything” are carved at the bottom of the masu, making them suitable items as presents too.

We also have a line-up of original products such as natural humidifiers made from thin slices of hinoki or bean-sized straps modified from masu where names can be engraved using laser. We also sell masu that are specially designed or engraved with words upon requests.



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