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Sanyoshi Lacquer Ware Co.,Ltd.

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One of the most well known traditional art craft of Fukushima prefecture is the Aizu Lacquerware. It is made in the western part of the prefecture in the Aizu region. Established in 1935 (Showa, 10), Sanyoshi Lacquer ware has been producing lacquer ware suited to the modern needs, while respecting the 400-year long tradition of Aizu Lacquer ware, and keeping its motto of “providing a life full of smiles” to the society. The third generation president, Yoshihiro Sone, is looking to expand overseas. Sanyoshi Lacquerware has participated in the International Interior Exhibition “Maison et Objet” in Paris, France, for five consecutive years. It is looking for new markets currently.


The lacquer ware craft was established in the Aizu region in 1590 (Tensho, 18). The feudal lord of Aizu then, Ujisato Gamo, actively encouraged the industry publicly. At that time, wooden craftsman and lacquer craftsman from Omi (the present-day Shiga Prefecture) gathered at what became of the production ground today. Towards the end of Edo era, during the Meiji Restoration, the region of Aizu became a war zone where Aizu lacquer ware were heavily affected. However, toward mid-Meiji era, the region bounced back from the aftermath, and became one of the few lacquer ware production grounds in Japan today.


Traditional art craft in general is evolving in tandem with time. I feel that we have to create “ware” that is used in daily life. It is important to create something that suits the style and needs of modern lifestyle. We must not be confined by tradition, and at the same time revise the techniques to bring it to the next generation. We strive to provide valuable products that are safe, reliable and good in quality. We hope to expand our possibilities in new markets.


Sanyoshi Lacquer Ware has its own production factory, and has established a production system that is able to meet all kinds of needs. Aizu lacquer ware frequently receives orders from outside the local vicinity, and so it emphasizes a lot on the quality of its products, while also providing original products. There is a whole list of products ranging from high-end ones to mass produced ones, from wooden to resinous ones.

High end products targeted at Japanese are made mainly from maple trees, hand-made one by one. The products are painted over several layers and finished off with urethane foam, so water cannot sip through the surface. The textual and colour differences are eye-appealing too. This series include other products such as bowls and cups. Another brand called “pipi cube” is targeted at overseas. Made from resin, it is used to make lunch plates, dish washers and microwave ovens. It aims to blend Japanese and foreign senses together.

Sanyoshi Lacquer Ware Co.,Ltd.


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