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The Maeda Woodcraft Atelier established in 1901 carried over the traditional techniques of Edo Woodworking Joints. The fourth generation owner, Daisaku, then established Atelier M4 in 2007. There are two objectives- one is to create things that are useful in life together with people who share the same passion.

The other is to create the specialty of Shinshu in Nagano Prefecture, where Maeda Woodcraft Atelier used to be. The trees planted in Shinshu are not sufficiently used, and so the idea is to use the timber of Shinshu in order to increase local activities and help in forestry planning.


Woodwork has different kinds of techniques. Woodworking Joint is one of them, which is making products by “joining” techniques. After shaping the wooden raw materials into boards and rods, they are joined together using the naval technique.

Edo Woodworking Joints do not have excessive and extravagant decoration but are of good quality, durable and pure. The wood from mulberry trees is frequently used and the common products made from this include cardboard boxes and drawers. After the war, due to the change in lifestyle, the trend tilted towards making tables, chairs and cabinets.


Due to the increase in carbon dioxide leading to global warming and other environmental issues, we have to change our mindsets when passing this tradition of woodwork on to the next generation. I wish to realize an effective method of using wood without causing destruction or harm to the environment, and pass this method on to our future generations.

We are currently looking at larch trees. I believe it is my responsibility to try out various possibilities with the tree. There are many people involved in the protection of Shinshu and larch trees. I hope the future generations would realize their efforts and become motivated to carry on this tradition.


We specialize in products that are unique in our region, Shinshu. We make by hand products from Shinshu woods. Half of the woods come from larch trees. We started the sales of chopsticks made from Shinshu larch trees in March 2012. In order to protect forests, we have to grow wood and utilize them. This cycle is extremely important, and therefore our chopsticks are named “Wood-growing Chopsticks”.

Our furniture is made from Shinshu larch trees too. Woodworking joints have traditionally mixed wood with gold, but our company mixes wood with metal. We retrieve silk from cocoons, and grind them together with the metal to prevent rusting. All our furniture is made to order, and the manufacturing is carried out in our own workshops.

Larch trees have beautiful red texture. It is difficult to process larch trees that are 20 to 30 years old, but when the trees grow till 60 years old, it becomes easier. The trees in Shinshu are around 50 years old, and so it is suitable for us to utilize them in 10 years time.

atelier m4 co.,ltd.


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