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Arakei Textile

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A textile company founded in 1970, we manufacture fabric which is often used for products such as kimonos, sitting cushions (zabutons), and futons using a special technique called “Hogushi Ori”(untangling weaving).
Furthermore, we also began to produce original goods such as purses, coin wallets, pouches, and book covers using this technique about 5 years ago.
As for kimono fabric, items from the series called “Hataoto” are the leading products. Our staff are especially careful to not to lose the traditional feel while keeping it fashionable and up-to-date, so that it suits the modern era.


It is said that the sericulture skills took root in Chichibu during the Nara period. Ever since, the area has been one of the biggest producers of silk. Eventually, not only the number of people taking part in sericulture but those who weave cloth began to increase in the area, and developed into a huge weaving industry by the Edo period.
In 1908, Mr. Soutarou Sakamoto from Chichibu got a patent for the “Hogushi Ori” which he developed himself. Later, textiles known as the “Chichibu Meisen” which was made using the Hogushi Ori became popular nation-wide from the end of the Meiji period to the beginning of the Shouwa period.


After having worked in a major textile company for 15 years, I came back to help out with the family business 7 years ago. During my years at the company, I was in charge of product planning and design, and was able to experience many different aspects of work. However, I never got to weave any cloth myself. The biggest reason for my return to the family business was because I wanted to actually create something with my own hands.
The texture and depth of color of silk textiles are truly amazing. In order to have more people know about the beauty of these textiles, I hope to put even more effort into developing original goods such as purses and sundries.


Our company’s original goods are currently available and on sale at the “Chichibu Meisenkan”, our local Museum of Textile Related Materials. Some customers also purchase our kimono fabric at the same time, and fortunately, we have received much positive feedback.
Hogushi Ori is a technique where we first dye the warp with the pattern and then weave the woof. The biggest characteristic of this method is that we can dye the warp and the woof with different colors, unlike most others where the pattern comes after it is completely woven. We are able to see a wide range of colors with great depth and delicacy that change depending on the angle at which it is viewed as a result of the mixture.
To have people who are not familiar with kimono enjoy and get to know these unique colors and patterns is the main purpose for our company to make products not directly related to kimono, such as bags. Card cases and stoles are also in our line up, and we have a great variety of articles on sale. President Norio Arai is constantly working hard on developing new patterns, searching for even better ways and possibilities of manufacturing.
Our future goal is further market expansion. In order to make this happen, we are also considering creating a new brand during the year of 2012.

Arakei Textile


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