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Hakuichi Inc.

Coporate Profille

President Kuniko Asano established Hakuichi Inc. in 1975. It is an all-round manufacturer of Kanazawa foil. The company is in charge of the overall process, from the production of Kanazawa foil to the processing and sales of gold foil art and craft. It is also developing innovated new products of the traditional Kanazawa foil to meet the needs of a wider range of clients. Hakuichi is focusing on its products’ originality and establishing the brand’s reputation. Presently in our factories several thousands of products are being designed, produced and shipped nationwide and abroad. One of the popular products of gold foil is face paper called “golden paper”. It is used by maiko (apprentice geisha) in Kyoto and a popular kinpaku cosmetic.


Kanazawa produces more than 98% of the gold foil in Japan, thanks to the Culture and Training Policy implemented by the old Maeda-clan. There was a rise in traditional industries in the areas of Noto and Kaga, such as the establishment of Wajima paint, Yamanaka lacquer, Kuni-yaki and Kaga Yuzen. Kanazawa gold foil is part of the traditional industry and was developed by famous craftsman such as Sasuke Notoya and Sasuke Hakuya. However, after the collapse of the shogunate, the production of gold foil was decontrolled, and so Kanazawa gold foil started to monopolize the industry of gold foil. The climate and geographical features of Kanazawa provide the perfect conditions for making gold foil, thus the industry has been preserved till today.


Kanazawa gold foil was a raw material used to decorate lacquer ware and altars. After the oil shock crisis, realizing that traditions cannot be preserved merely as traditions, creative and innovative ideas that challenge the norms is consistently contrived to, so as to stay in the competitive market. We hope to produce and sell items that could preserve the traditions, yet also utilize the advanced technology to suit the needs of modern society.


Sensuji-ryusui is an original decorative dish craft of our company, artistically furnished with Kanazawa foil. It is an exquisite decoration piece, especially at festive occasions such as the New Year. There are three different types: Big plate (36,750 yen); Three-layered container (42,000 yen) and free cups (15,750 yen). Thin circular lines are carved carefully onto the raw materials of prickly castor oil tree and horse chestnut, before adding a touch of kinpaku and grinding it skillfully with excellent wheel pottery skills. The perfect technique of a craftsman is able to combine the effects of golden polish, the vibrant image and natural flow of design into one piece.

Apart from crockery, our company also skillfully combines the technique of kinpaku into practical goods such as USB memory sticks and fountain pens. Other creations include the interior designs of the Kyushu Shinkansen and the airport terminal of Narita International Airport. To be able to spread information to a wider audience, our branch offices have been established in Kanazawa city and Minami-Aoyama district of Tokyo.

Hakuichi Inc.


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