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“Hakuza” refers to both the company name and the brand name, which actually existed in the history of kinpaku (gold foil). The late Genji Takaoka established Takaoka Kinpaku Shop, which sells and produces gold foils in the early period of Showa era. Since then, Hakuza Inc. started to develop and produce original gold boxes (made from pure gold and platinum foil). The extraordinary texture and combination of colours of Hakuza gold box awarded the honorary title of Important Cultural Asset in 2002 by the government. Together with its long history and tradition, the gold foil of Hakuza also incorporates the “modern sense of value” in many aspects. It currently has a chain of branches situated in Kanazawa, Tokyo and Nihombashi.


Kinpaku is an extremely thin piece of gold, measuring only 1/10,000 mm. It is not recorded when exactly was kinpaku started to appear in Kanazawa. But craftsman of kinpaku are believed to have existed in Ishikawa Prefecture before the head of the Kaga-clan, Toshiiezo Maeda, entered the territory of Kanazawa. The Maeda family put great efforts in promoting culture industry related to art and design, and together with the high demands of gold foil in this region, gold foil production became popular. Currently, 99% kinpaku products in Japan are manufactured in Kanazawa rendering its position as “ the traditional art of Kanazawa”.


“Challenging the beauty of golden foil” is the eternal theme of Hakuza. From the management of stores, product planning, service, to development of technology, Hakuza has never stopped move the business further to a greater heights, and to exploit its potential to the fullest. In order to accentuate its original beauty and strengths of haku, we hope to bring revolutions into this traditional industry, and to let the best side of kinpaku shine.


Hakuza’s original foil products are: “Pure Gold Platinum Foil: Towairo made of 99% Gold + 1% Platinum” and “Pure Gold Platinum Foil: Kuoniro made of 92% Gold + 8% Platinum”. The unique texture of haku (foil) brings out the trendiness and stylishness of our lines of bags and accessories. New developments are underway to merge the unique characteristics of foil to cosmetics products.

The new products of “Touch of Gold: Platinum Kinpaku Cosmetics” is made from platinum kinpaku, which our research and development team have put great efforts to ensure the compatibility use of these materials to human skin. A wide range of “Kinpaku Cosmetics” products is now available in high-end beauty salons and department stores.

Also, as an attempt to embrace a new lifestyle of “seductive beauty” of modern women, “Chaya Cosmetics” is launched as a cosmetics brand to illuminate the lives of modern women.



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